Suzi's Zoo part 2

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Suzi's Zoo part 2 

We offer a safe and loving home/school environment. We Learn through playing as well as a preschool program to help our minds grow.

We ask that refrain from stepping into the playroom and staying outside in screen playroom to drop off and pick up your child for many reasons. 

 Suzi's Zoo provides wipes and rash ointment but we ask that you bring diapers,     2 outfits and approx. 4 bottles to leave here.

We provide Formula to infants up to 1 year of age. The standard brands are (Walmart or Target Brand).

If you use another brand of formula you maybe asked to provide it but usually is provided.

All meals are included and weekly menus are posted on clipboard.

Included are; Breakfast, morning snack, lunch, afternoon snack.

We request that velcro shoes be worn for all children of walking age. Socks with non- slip bottoms should be worn as well.  This is most helpful until your child

shows readiness in learning to tie their own shoes.

We offer an early preschool program @ age 18 months, this program has been found to be a great start in early learning.

Potty training; This is their learning years to experience everything and I feel when your child shows readiness,

I will ask for your help in making this transition smooth.

Dates Closed; Are posted on this website and also given to all parents each       year in January.

Inclement Weather; Suzi's follows the Pasco County School Closings. If there becomes a Tropical Storm/Hurricane that may Jeopardize the home and or children's well being. Suzi's Zoo has the right to Close business for all safety concerns. The fee will not be changed due to Inclement weather.

Vacation;  There is 1 week of vacation given to each child after their 6 month attendance for FULL TIME. Your Vacation week can NOT be credited in the month of December.

3 Floating sick days; There are 3 sick days given per year. This is for FULL TIME only.

Vacation and Sick are NOT to be used together.

Vacation can not be used in December.


 Caring for ages 10 weeks to 3 years old.

No Registration fee = $0.00 

No Supply fee= $0.00

10 weeks to 1 year of age = $200.00

1 year of age to 3 years = $195.00

Part time care of any age = $55.00  a day.

(These are options if openings are available.)

Payment is due on Monday.


Weekly fee is excepted by Paypal and Cash only.

Receipts for total are given at end of the year.


Late payment after Wednesday afternoon is $5.00 per day. If payment is not received by Friday at closing, your child can not return on Monday. 


There is a charge of $10.00 for each 15 minutes after closing of 5:30 pm. unless other arrangements have previously been made.


There is a 2 week notice to be given if you wish to withdraw from Suzi's Zoo program. 


 As many of us know, our children are very independent and strong willed. My job as a provider is to help direct the children in a way their energy can promote positive behaviors. 

 If your child is an excessive biter, hitter or becomes destructive. This child after having 2 consults may be terminated. 

If your child's immunization records are not provided to us within 14 days of enrollment. You will be unable to return for care until a valid record is received. 

The weekly fee is due on Mondays, If there is no payment received by Paypal or cash, this is also a cause for termination. 

There is a 2 week notice to be given for withdrawing from Suzi's part2.