Suzi's Zoo part 2

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Hello, My name is Suzi and in 1994 I started a Licensed Family Day Care. 
I enjoyed all the children that were in my care over those years. I was a Nationally Accredited family home day care through the NAFCC and
 loved every moment of it.
In 2001 we moved our family out of the area to another county in hopes to better our children's up bringing. It has taken some time and thought to building the best once again but in a smaller playroom setting and I knew one day it would come again. I give credit to God, my Husband, my Children, my Family who have helped me and stood by me, but most of all they have encouraged me because they know this was God's plan all along.
 I am certified in CPR, First Aid and have completed all classes required by licensing. There is continued education classes that are kept up each year too. 
I am monitored by West Coast Child Care Food Program to insure your 
child's very best nutrition needs are met. This also means that your child's meals and formula are included. 
We are grandparents of 5 awesome grand kids.
My Daughter is Married with 3 children and is a Professional Photographer.
My Son is Married as well with 2 children and has become a Welder by trade and work along side my husband. 
He and his wife live on the property and she has become my substitute 
when needed.
I also want to give thanks to all my extended family through the years of fun, 
hugs and laughter.
 I hope that they have grown to be wonderful young children and some young adults already and that I have instilled a little piece of me in all of them. They will never be forgotten.
I will be re-visiting all the past ideas that include annual picnic parties with all the children from (1994-present), Fun friday water days, visiting the Zoo, Aquarium, Library Story time, Gymnastics etc.

I provide one on one loving care and age appropriate toys with plenty of developmental activities to help them grow.  We also have a preschool curriculum starting at age 18 months.  My imagination runs wild with all kinds of fun things to do as your child grows in this family orientated setting. If at any time you would like to view any inspections that I have had, they can be found online at 
 License#  F06PA0274.